Configuration of tested applications

class funq.client.ApplicationConfig(executable, args=(), funq_port=None, cwd=None, env=None, timeout_connection=10, aliases=None, executable_stdout=None, executable_stderr=None, attach=True, screenshot_on_error=False, with_valgrind=False, valgrind_args=('--leak-check=full', '--show-reachable=yes'), global_options=None)[source]

This object hold the configuration of the application to test, mostly retrieved from the funq configuration file.

Each parameter is accessible on the instance, allowing to retrieve the tested application path for example with config.executable, or its exeution path with config.cwd.

  • executable – complete path to the tested application
  • args – executable arguments
  • funq_port – socket port number for the libFunq connection
  • cwd – execution path for the tested application. If None, the value will be the directory of executable.
  • env – dict environment variables. If None, os.environ will be used.
  • timeout_connection – timeout to try to connect to libFunq.
  • aliases – path to the aliases file
  • executable_stdout – file path to redirect stdout or None.
  • executable_stderr – file path to redirect stderr or None.
  • attach – Indicate if the process is attached or if it is a distant connection.
  • screenshot_on_error – Indicate if screenshots must be taken on errors.
  • with_valgrind – indicate if valgrind must be used.
  • valgrind_args – valgrind arguments
  • global_options – options from the funq nose plugin.