Test multiple applications at the same time

It is possible to test multiple applications in one test method. For this you will have to write multiple sections in the funq.conf configuration file.

executable = ../player_tester
aliases = applitest.aliases
funq_port = 10000

executable = /path/to/my/program
funq_port = 10001


Be careful to specify different ports for each application !

Let’s see the test code now:

from funq.testcase import MultiFunqTestCase

class MyTestCase(MultiFunqTestCase):
    # wanted configurations
    __app_config_names__ = ('applitest', 'applitest2')

    def test_my_first_test(self):
        # FunqClient objects will then be accessible with a dict:
        # - self.funq['applitest'] to interact with "applitest"
        # - self.funq['applitest2'] to interact with "applitest2"


There is some differences when interacting with multiples applications at the same time:


The number testables applications at the same time is not limited.